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1852 - 1912

Marine Store Dealer / Shop Keeper at home

Life History


Born in Marlow, Buckinghamshire


Married Emma Clark PEACEFULL in Strand, London

Name: Thomas Rippington to Emma Clark Peacefull
Year of Registration: 1878
Quarter of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec
District: Strand (1837-1913)
County: London, Middlesex
Volume: 1b
Page: 947


Birth of son Thomas Emmanuel RIPPINGTON in Hoxton, London / Shoreditch, Middlesex


Birth of son Herbert Edwin RIPPINGTON in Islington, Middlesex, London


Resident in St. Marys, Islington, Middlesex, London


Birth of daughter Amy RIPPINGTON in London, Middlesex


Birth of son Frederick William RIPPINGTON in Wood Green, London


Birth of son George RIPPINGTON in Upton Park, Essex


Occupation Marine Store Dealer


Occupation Shorthand Writer

between 1891 and 1911

Resident in Chapel Street, Marlow, Buckinghamshire

28th Feb 1891

Birth of son Emanuel Alfred RIPPINGTON in Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire


Birth of daughter Gladys Peacefull RIPPINGTON in Marlow, Buckinghamshire


Occupation Marine Store Dealer / Shop Keeper at home


Occupation Law Clerk (Retired)


Died in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire


  • Name: Thomas Rippington
    Estimated birth year: abt 1853
    Year of Registration: 1912
    Quarter of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar
    Age at Death: 59
    District: Wycombe
    County: Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire
    Volume: 3a
    Page: 1068
  • Birth Record Name  Thomas Rippington
    Year of Registration  1852
    Quarter of Registration  Oct-Nov-Dec
    Registration District  Wycombe
    Registration County  Buckinghamshire
    Mother's maiden name
    Volume Number  3A
    Volume Page  344
  • Marine Store Dealer was a licensed broker who bought and sold used cordage, bunting, rags, timber, metal and other general waste materials.
    He usually sorted the purchased waste by kind, grade etc.
    He also repaired and mended sacks etc.
    Marine Store Dealers were governed by an Act of Parliament 1st. Geo. IV. sec.16 cap.75. Which enacted that every marine-store-dealer shall have his name inserted in legible characters over his shop-door and shall also keep a book in which he shall insert the name and address of any person from whom he shall buy any article.
    Apparently Marine Store Dealers were also not allowed to buy full lengths of rope.
    A search of the "Times" archive brings up many references to them and nearly all were in relation to police courts.
    In Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" is Joe, a marine store dealer and receiver of stolen goods.
    Cotton rags were used to make paper.


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