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Rippington (Rosina) Freemans Journal - Thursday 07 September 1871

Rippington (Rosina) Freemans Journal - Thursday 07 September 1871

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also known as Rosina

1850 -

Music Hall Burlesque Dancer

Life History


Born in Pimlico, Westminster, Middlesex, London


Resident in 70 Drummond Street, St. Pancras, Middlesex, London


Resident in St. Pancras, Middlesex, London

between 1870 and 1874

Occupation Music Hall Burlesque Dancer


Resident in Globe Coffee House, York Road, Islington, London


  • Birth Record Name  Rose Rippington
    Year of Registration  1850
    Quarter of Registration  Jan-Feb-Mar
    Registration District  St. George Hanover Square
    Registration County  London
    Mother's maiden name
    Volume Number  I
    Volume Page  24
  • Freeman's Journal - Thursday 07 September 1871
    Music Hall Burlesque Dancer
  • The Era - Sunday 01 December 1872
    APOLLO THEATRE.-The Esther Austin Ballet Company are attracting large and fashionable audiences, their ballets being a theme of general admiration.
    Miss Esther Austin, a marvel of agility, is nightly received with demonstrations of delight.
    Miss Jeanette Phillipe, a pretty and clever dancer, is loudly and deservedly applauded.
    Misses Angelley, Blanche Smith, Phillipes, Rippington and Taylor, must be highly commended for the manner in which they execute their various dances.
    The dresses are splendid and the music charming.
    Spectacle, operetta, and farce have also been played here, a very large band being under the direction of Herr Elbe.
  • The Era - Sunday 16 January 1870
    MDLLE. ESTHER AUSTIN (the Great), et La Troupe Royale, Dix en Nombre.
    Can-Canists (Originals), Mdlles Erasquire, Murray, Dellafosse, Julie, Gilberte, Rippington, Blennerhusuett, Rowe, and Mdlle.
    Ellenia Spinola, Premiere Danseuse.
  • The Era - Sunday 13 December 1874
    Action for Libel.
    The case of Fairlie v. Blenkinsop came before Mr Justice Keating and a Middlesex Special Jury, in the Court of Common Pleas, on Monday. The declaration set forth that the plaintiff, Francis Charles Fairlie, was the Manager of the St. James's Theatre, and the defendant, William Robert Blenkinsop, was the publisher of Vanity Fair, in which paper he published the libel, the meaning of which, the declaration alleged, was that the plaintiff had produced an indecent exhibition and an immoral and improper entertainment at the said Theatre.
    Miss Rose Rippington said-I am a dancer by profession, but I am not with the troupe at present.
    I danced in the "Ripirelle," and had no intention of conveying an indecent idea to anybody.
    Mr Thomas Gibson Bowles, examined by Mr Arbuthnot, said-I am the proprietor of Vanity Fair.
    In May last letter from the plaintiff's solicitor came to me, threatening action with regard to this criticism, in consequence of which I visited the Theatre to see whether the article was a just one or one for which I should offer a reparation and an apology.
    I have had some experience, as a spectator, of the drama, both abroad and here.
    When I arrived the comedy was over.
    My opinions of Vert-Vert was that, as a literary production, it was simply contemptible; the acting was not acting at all, or of a very poor description, and the plot seemed to be rather a jumble.
    What was your opinion of the decency or indecency of the " Ripirelle?"-It was simply the " Can-Can" under another name, having all the indecency and none of the art of the " Can-Can." (Laughter.)
    The St James's Theatre (est. 1835) was a 1,200-seat theatre located in King Street, at Duke Street, St James's, London.
    It was demolished in 1957 and an office building, St. James's House, was built on the theatre's site.
  • The Era - Sunday 22 March 1874
    ALHAMBRA MUSIC HALL-(Manager, Mr W. Brown.)-On Monday the Victoria troupe of dancers made their first appearance here.
    They include the Misses E. White, Rose Rippington, Alenie Angelley, and Clara St. Leger.
    Their ballets, evidently, arranged for the Music Hall stage are lively and picturesque, and have been well received.
    Little Miss K. Mordan (the miniature serie-comic) and Castelotte (the ladder and trapeze performer) also appeared the same evening.

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