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Market Harborough Records p202-203

Market Harborough Records p202-203

William RYPYNGTON1,2,3

also known as William REPYNGTON

also known as William RYPPYNGTON

before 1461 -

Life History

before 1461

Born in Lichfield, Staffordshire


Birth of son 1490 RIPPINGTON


Resident in Lichfield, Staffordshire

30th Sep 1490

Misc in William gives up gift of land from Matilda his Mother to his brother Thom

about 1500

Birth of son William RYPYNGTON

between 1503 and 1508

Resident in Market Harborough, Leicestershire


  • Quitclaim  CCA-DCc-ChAnt/L/235  30 Sep 1490
    Former reference: CCA-DCc-ChAnt/L/235
    1 document
    Parchment, 1m, seal, dirty across the top in centre
    From: William Repyngton' of Lichfield, son and heir of Matilda Repyngton' of Coventry, widow To: Henry Willowgh'be, knight For all lands and tenements in the town ('villa') and fields of Lichfield which Henry recently had of the gift and feoffment of Thomas Repyngton', William's brother, and which ought to descend to William after the death of Matilda, his mother.
    Given at Lichfield [Staffordshire]. Witnesses: Richard Breton'; Robert Browne; Thomas Dodde Endorsed with description in 17th cent hand.
  • Market Harborough Records.
    (112) John Janen gives, grants and confirms to John Browne, John Archer, Thomas Sherewode, William Marsschall, Thomas Grey, Robert Astell, William Browne, baker, George Whylan, Richard Archer, William Browne, 'wefer,'
    William Repyngton, Robert Browne, baker, Nicholas Barre, John Dutton, William Archer, Henry Leycester, Thomas Fraunces, John Archer, junior, Richard Barrett, Thomas Marschall,
    all his lands, tenements, meadows, etc., etc., with all and singular, etc., eta, etc., in the towns and fields of Haverbargh and Boudon Magna, to hold, etc.,
    and appoints Sir William Benett, chaplain, and Thomas Foxton, of Haverbargh, his attorneys to deliver seisin of the same.
    Witnesses : Henry Manne, John Hardy, John Barford, Thomas Repyngton, of Haverbargh, Roger Crafte, Richard Carter, Nicholas Jakes, Richard Harper, and John Cristyan, of Boudon, and many others.
    Dated 19 Henry VII., 'tertio die Maii;'
    Tuesday, May 3, 1503.
    (115) John Archer, William Marsschall, Thomas Grey, Robert Astell, William Brown, baker, William Brown, 'wefer,' Robert Brown, baker, William Archer, Thomas Fraunces, Thomas Marschall,
    demise, hand over, deliver and confirm to Miles Roos, bailiff of Bowdon Magna and Haverburgh, Thomas Whatton, Thomas Foxton, mercer, John Newsham, Thomas Smyth, John Hardyng, Richard Cade, Richard Weyle, and John Tybbys,
    all those lands, tenements, etc., etc., which they lately held conjointly with John Brown, Thomas Sherewode, George Welan, Richard Archer, William Repyngton, Nicholas Baret, John Dutton, Henry Leycester, John Archer, junior, and Richard Baret, deceased,
    by the gift, grant and confirmation of John Janen, to hold, etc., eta, and appoint William Wyllyngore their attorney to deliver seisin of the same.
    Dated 24 Henry VII., ' vicesimo quarto die mensis Septembris;'
    Sunday, September 24, 1508.
  • Atherstone was an important centre for weaving and clothmaking.
    List of 16th Century Mancetter Parish Inventories compiled by M.J. Alexander
    William Reppington, 1545, weaver
    By the date it would seem most likely that this record ought to be associated with the predicted son of this William,
    but that William appears to be dispositioned closer to London and on more than one occasion his trade was referred to as a Salter.
    On the other hand this William still had closer ties to Amington and his brother Thomas was known to have been a Mercer (a dealer in expensive clothing).
    There are no William Repingtons alive in the peerage family at this time so this William, although he would have been in his 80s, seems most likely to have have been the Weaver in Atherstone.


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