Alison Jeffery (nee Castell)



Facebook messages between David Rippington and Alison Jerrery


  • My Father was from Brightwell cum Sotwell and worked in Reading for a while, before I was born.
    Going back to the Rippingtons, I never met my Grandfather Frank, as sadly he passed away in St Thomas's Hospital , of Leukemia ( as a result of working on nuclear submarines) before I was born.
    I will see if I have some photos of any of the ancesters, i definately have some of Frank. Incidently his medals were given to a museum at Chatham I think.
    I have met a few of the Rippingtons, Annie Louisa ( auntie Louie), Herbert ( Uncle Bert) He emigrated to New Zealand many years ago, but did come back to the UK once and Olive, who emigrated to Canada. Vera Rippington was married to Howard King, but died last year in West Sussex.
    I have another interesting fact for you. When I was a small child my Granny Ripp used tell us storys of her brother in law, who moved abroad and built a road and named it Rippington Road,
    When you told me that Sidney Rippington had emigrated to Canada, I googled Rippington Road and found there is one in Pitt Meadow, Canada, which is where Sidneys son Frank died and where his second son was born. I have emailed the museum there to see if they have any information.
    24 Pelham Rd. ... I remember my aunt Louie living there, as she lived in the family house, which was passed down to her ... many years after the war.
    I have just street viewed it and it is definately there, a semi, next to a large white detatched house.

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