Edith May Doucette


Family provided detail:
Anecdote over Tea, with Edith May Doucette
2002 , Concord Avenue, Toronto


  • Auntie Bea married Austin Chater, and lived in West Hill, Ont.
    Joseph Rodwell and Catherine Rodwell, Auntie Bea's parents, lived in a little house on Auntie Bea's property.
    There was a big pond out back, and neighbours had greenhouses near Auntie Bea's pond.
    After great-grandpa Joseph died in West Hill, Auntie Bea and Uncle Austin moved to Huntsville with great-grandma Catherine.
    Then Catherine died, and then Austin died, and then Auntie Bea died.
    Apparently, both great-grandma Catherine and Auntie Bea were both interred at West Hill cemetery.
    West Hill, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Huntsville Muskoka Ontario, Canada

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