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Mum & Dads Wedding March 5th 1955

Mum & Dads Wedding March 5th 1955

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5th Feb 1929 -

Motor Mechanic

Life History

5th Feb 1929

Born in Reach, Cambridgeshire

between 1945 and 1962

Occupation Crisswells

between 1947 and 1949

Military in Royal Signals - Driver Instructor - Service No.19162273

between 1955 and 1957

Resident in 41 High Street, Woodditton, Newmarket, Suffolk

5th Mar 1955

Married Rita Violet SMITH in Woodditton, Cambridgeshire

Name: Leslie E Rippington to Rita V Smith
Spouse Surname: Smith
Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1955
Registration district: Cambridge
Registration county (inferred): Cambridgeshire
Volume Number: 4a
Page Number: 665
Find Spouse: Find Spouse

between 1957 and 1960

Resident in The Chestnuts, Woodditton, Newmarket, Suffolk

4th Jun 1957

Birth of son David Eric RIPPINGTON in White Lodge Hospital, Newmarket

between 1960 and 1965

Resident in Rose Cottage, Woodditton, Newmarket, Suffolk

between 1962 and 1963

Occupation Dullingham Motors

between 1963 and 1974

Occupation Turner & Hores (Heath Garage), Newmarket

between 1965 and 1969

Resident in 37 All Saints Road, Newmarket, Suffolk

between 1969 and 1978

Resident in 78 New Cheveley Road, Newmarket, Suffolk

between 1974 and 1976

Occupation Wallis & Sons (was Chriswells), Newmarket

between 1976 and 1978

Occupation All Saints Service Station, Newmarket

between 1978 and 1979

Occupation Depot Road, Newmarket

between 1978 and 1983

Resident in 5 Strollers Way, Stetchworth, Newmarket, Suffolk

between 1979 and 1983

Occupation Drummonds, Newmarket

between 1983 and 1984

Occupation Ely Service Station

between 1983 and 1988

Resident in 21 Hasse Road, Soham

between 1984 and 1985

Occupation Greys of Ely

between 1985 and 1986

Occupation Lucas Auto Centre, Cambridge

between 1986 and 1988

Occupation Carter Street Garage, Fordham (laterly Soham bypass)

between 1988 and 1993

Resident in 423 Auriole Walk, Studlands Park, Newmarket

between 1993 and 1998

Resident in 140 Tulyar Walk, Studlands Park, Newmarket

between 1998 and 3003

Resident in 19 Norfolk Avenue, Newmarket

between 2003 and 2006

Resident in 33 Moulton Avenue, Kentford

2006 onwards

Resident in 18 Vincent Close, Studlands Park, Newmarket

Other facts


Occupation Motor Mechanic


  • His Mum paid £100 in 1943 (now worth £1250 in 2010) for him to become an apprentice motor mechanic at Crisswells Garage, even though (in his own words) she didn't think he was good at anything.
    He started work when he was 16, sometime around the end of 1945, just after the end of the war and before his 17th birthday in February.
    He remembers it being very cold and they had coal braziers alight in the workshop to keep them warm.
    Fairstead House, Fordham Road, Newmarket - once home to the Crisswell family, owners of Crisswells Garage ... became Fairstead House School in 1950 (and now about to be sold for private investment in 2012).
  • Name: L E Rippington
    Address: 78 New Cheveley Road,  Newmarket
    Phone Book Publication Year: 1974 - 1977
  • Name: L E Rippington
    Address: 5 Strollers Way, Stetchworth
    Phone Book Publication Year: 1979
  • Name: Leslie E Rippington
    Mother's Maiden Surname: Allan
    Date of Registration: Jan Feb Mar 1929
    Registration district: Newmarket
    Registration county: Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire, Huntingtonshire, Northhamptonshire
    Volume Number: 3b
    Page Number: 650

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