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Arthur William RIPPINGTON

1923 - 1960

Life History


Born in Newmarket, Cambridgeshire / Suffolk


Married Nora WRIGHT in Southport, Lancashire / Merseyside

21st Nov 1945

Birth of daughter Maureen Ann RIPPINGTON in 5 Lathom Road, Southport, Lancashire / Merseyside.2

14th Dec 1945

Death of daughter Maureen Ann RIPPINGTON in 40 Linaker Street, Southport, Lancashire / Merseyside.1


Birth of daughter Patricia L RIPPINGTON in Southport, Lancashire / Merseyside

7th Nov 1950

Birth of son John William RIPPINGTON in Southport, Lancashire / Merseyside


Died in Southport, Lancashire / Merseyside


  • During World War 2 Arthur served onboard the HMS Dragon D46.
    During 2 weeks in February 1942 the ship was off the coast of Signapore, as part of the allied fleet attempting to stop the Japanese invasion.
    His hospitalized Brother Fred was captured on Signapore and taken as a POW.
    HMS Dragon D46
    Ship type: Light Cruiser
    Built by: Scotts Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. (Greenock, Scotland),
    Yard No 484
    Propulsion: Steam turbine 40000hp
    Tonnage: 4850 disp
    Length: 472 feet
    Breadth: 46 feet
    Draught: 14 feet
    Owner: Royal Navy
    Laid down: Jan 1917
    Launched: Saturday, 29 Dec 1917
    Commissioned: Aug 1918
    End service: 15 Jan 1943
    Polish manned 1943 onwards
    Status: Sunk 08 Jul 1944 - used as breakwater off Normandy Beaches
    HMS Dragon D46 Service History:
    January         Transferred to ABDA Command for convoy defence in Dutch East Indies area.
                   Escorted convoy taking reinforcement troops from Ceylon to Singapore.
           5th     Embarked Commander-in-chief Vice Admiral Geoffrewy Layton and staff officers at Singapore for passage to Batavia from Singapore.
                   Based at Batavia with ABDA ships.
           16th    Took passage from Singapore to Colombo.
           20th    Diverted during passage to join British China Force for escorted of military convoys between Sunda Strait and Singapore.
                   Deployed with HM Cruisers DANAE and DURBAN, six destroyers and RIN Sloops.
    February        Part of Western Striking Force based at Tanjong Priok with HM Australian Cruiser HOBART,
                   HMS DANAE, HM Destroyer SCOUT and HM Destroyer TENEDOS. Escorted Australian SJ/JS convoys to Sunda Strait.
           6th     Relieved HM Australian Cruiser CANBERRA with HMS DURBAN as escort for Convoy M53 to Singapore from Christmas Island.
           11th    Relieved HI Cruiser DORSETSHIRE with HM Destroyer ENCOUNTER as escort for Convoy JS2 to Oosthaven.
           15th    Deployed as part of Western Striking Force for defence duty off Western Java to intercept Japanese invasion craft.
           26th    Carried out Unsuccessful search in Banka - Bilintong area for invasion fleet.
           27th    Withdrawn from area and transferred to Colombo.
  • Name: Arthur W Rippington
    Mother's Maiden Surname: Allen
    Date of Registration: Oct Nov Dec 1923
    Registration district: Newmarket
    Registration county: Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire, Huntingtonshire, Northhamptonshire
    Volume Number: 3b
    Page Number: 693
  • Name: Arthur W Rippington
    Death Registration Month/Year: 1960
    Age at death (estimated): 37
    Registration district: Southport
    Inferred County: Lancashire
    Volume: 10f
    Page: 653

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