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Elizabeth LINDSEY

1802 - Oct 18591

Life History



3rd Mar 1802

Baptised in St Thomas church, Oxford, although her family later lived at Yarnton


Birth of son Richard RIPPINGTON in Marston, Oxfordshire

7th Jul 1823

Married Richard RIPPINGTON in St. Mary the Virgin, Datchet, Buckinghamshire.2


Birth of daughter Mary RIPPINGTON in Marston, Oxfordshire


Birth of son William RIPPINGTON in Marston, Oxfordshire


Death of son William RIPPINGTON in Marston, Oxfordshire

Oct 1859


The cause of death was suicide, as reported in Jacksons Oxford Journal of 15th October 1859.  It was stated at the inquest that "... on the previous Wednesday evening and Thursday morning she was in a very excited state, and on the latter day her husband, when going into the pantry to get some luncheon, heard a noise up stairs as of a person vomiting; he went up stairs to his bed-room, and by the bed he saw his wife, who asked fo some water, which he gave her; finding that she was very ill he sent for his daughter, Mrs Sims, and despatched a man to Oxford for Mr Martin, surgeon.  In the meantime the deceased told her daughter that she had taken poison, but assigned no reason for it; and a tumbler, in which there had been arsenic mixed with water, and a paper marked "Arsenic - Poison", were found under the bedstead.  Mr Martin came, and found that the deceased had taken a strong dose of arsenic, and that death must ensue.  She was perfectly sensible, and conscious that she was sinking, and she died between eight and none o'clock the same evening, without assigning any reason for her rash act.  The Jury returned a verdict, 'That the deceased had destroyed herself by taking poison, but that there was no satisfactory evidence to show in what state of mind she was at the time she did so' "

11th Oct 1859

Buried in Marston, Oxfordshire


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