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Rippington (Alice nee Warland) London Gazette 20 March 1877 p.2169

Rippington (Alice nee Warland) London Gazette 20 March 1877 p.2169

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Alice WARLAND1,2,3,4,5,6,7

1837 - 1907


Life History


Born in Noke, Oxfordshire


Resident in Noke, Oxfordshire

between 1851 and 1861

Occupation Servant


Resided in St. Clement, Oxford, Oxfordshire


Birth of son Richard WARLAND in Commercial Rd, Oxford, Oxfordshire

between 1861 and 1881

Resident servant to Richard who was at this time a widow following the death of his wife Elizabeth. in Marston, Oxfordshire

Alice subsequently gave birth to a son Richard (registered as Warland) in 1862 before their marriage in London in 1863. At the time of their marriage Richard was 60 and Alice 26.
It is thought that she had already had an illegitimate child in Noke but this is still to be confirmed.

29th Dec 1863

Married Richard RIPPINGTON in St Peters, Kensington, London


Birth of daughter Jemima Elizabeth RIPPINGTON in Marston, Oxfordshire


Death of daughter Jemima Elizabeth RIPPINGTON in Headington Registration District, Oxford, Oxfordshire


Birth of son Thomas RIPPINGTON in Marston, Oxfordshire


Birth of daughter Anne Jane RIPPINGTON in Marston, Oxfordshire


Birth of son William Henry RIPPINGTON in Marston, Oxfordshire

14th Feb 1870

Death of Richard RIPPINGTON in Marston, Oxfordshire.9


Resident living on her own means. in 49 Kingston Rd., Oxford, Oxfordshire


Resident living on her own means with her son Richard (Warland). in 37 Pembroke Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire

3rd Apr 1904

Death of daughter Anne Jane RIPPINGTON in Oxford, Oxfordshire


Died in Oxford, Oxfordshire

Other facts




  • Alice seems to have a bit of a character.
    Having been born in Noke, at the age of 17 she gave birth to an illegitimate son baptised Joseph James Warland in 1852 and who was baptised at Noke in 1853.
    The alleged father was Joseph Keene who she eventually took to court to get maintenance.
    The following record appears:-
    "Bullingdon Petty Sessions 24th September 1853.
    Alice Warland of Noke v Joseph Keene of Marston Lane, labourer. For an order to support bastard child. Defendant did not appear. Robert Hitchman, superintendent constable, served summons on Keene in St Clements 10 September. Keene tore it up and trampled it under his feet. Hitchman told him what it was. 'I have seen him this morning and he said he should not appear'. AliceWarland, aged 17 single women lives at Noke delivered of a male child 7 November 1852. Alice Warland said - Joseph Keene is the father of the child. He is a labourer and lives in Marston Lane. He has paid me £2 at different times for the child. It was paid after the birth of the child. My mother received the money because she came to Oxford and had to ? . My mother and father were present when he promised to pay 2.6d per week. Elizabeth Warland wife of Robert Warland of Noke, labourer 'witness ? . Jospeh Keene living at our house at Noke about 2 months after the birth of the child - He said he would pay 2/6d per week for the child. I have received £2.0.0 since this but he has paid nothing since 23rd April. Order made 20 1/2d per week, 11/6 costs".
    She then appears on the 1861 Census as Richard's servant (he was a widower by then) and gives birth to Richard Warland in the December Quarter 1861 in Oxford which means she would have been pregnant at the time of the Census on the 7th April.
    What the family thought about this is not known but the fact that they then married in London in 1863 perhaps indicates some ill feeling.
    At the time of the marriage he was 60 and Alice 26.
    After the death of Richard, despite him having made provision for the children of Alice, the Trustees Mark and Edwin (his brothers) do not appear to have carried out his wishes entirely satisfactorily.
    In 1875 Alice took Mark and Edwin to the High Court (she obviously had no fear of resorting to the law) for payment of arrears of interest on the investments.
    In 1883 when the case was finally resolved, each of her children, i.e. Richard, Thomas, Ann and William H were awarded £256.6.5.
    His bequest for the interest on investments in trust for Mary Sims, Richard's daughter from his first marriage, was also included but apparently she had actually received her monies.
  • Name: Alice Rippington
    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1838
    Date of Registration: Apr-May-Jun 1907
    Age at Death: 69
    Registration district: Oxford
    Inferred County: Oxfordshire
    Volume: 3a
    Page: 515


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