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Doris Margaret RIPPINGTON

2nd Oct 1909 - Oct 1991

Life History

2nd Oct 1909

Born in Kidlington, Oxfordshire


Married George Arthur LOVEROCK in Ploughley, Oxfordshire

Name: George A Loverock to Doris M Rippington
Spouse Surname: Rippington
Date of Registration: Apr-May-Jun 1946
Registration district: Ploughley
Inferred County: Oxfordshire
Volume Number: 3a
Page Number: 4211


Birth of son Brian A LOVEROCK in Oxford, Oxfordshire


Birth of daughter Lesley A LOVEROCK in Ploughley, Oxfordshire


Death of George Arthur LOVEROCK in Oxford, Oxfordshire

Oct 1991

Died in Oxford, Oxfordshire


  • Name: Doris Margaret Rippington
    Date of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec 1909
    Registration district: Woodstock
    Inferred County: Oxfordshire
    Volume: 3a
    Page: 1064
  • Name: Doris Margaret Loverock
    Birth Date: 2 Oct 1909
    Date of Registration: Oct 1991
    Age at Death: 82
    Registration district: Oxford
    Inferred County: Oxfordshire
    Volume: 20
    Page: 2579

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